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Aurora Borealis & the Thebacha Night Sky

Wood Buffalo National Park has a unique claim to fame: it’s the largest Dark Sky Preserve in the world.  The title means the park has minimal lighting, often using amber or red lights in places where light is needed most, like parking lots and bathrooms. As a result, the night sky and aurora borealis displays are incredible.

The low light also has ecological benefits. White or blue light at night can affect animals, insects and plants’ perception of day and night and changing seasons. Keeping little to no light on in the park ensures nocturnal creatures get the darkness they need for a properly set internal clock. 

The Thebacha and Wood Buffalo Dark Sky Festival runs in mid- to late- August, often with acitivites, seminars, and viewing sessions both in the town of Fort Smith and at Wood Buffalo National Park.

Watch the Community Calendar or the Thebacha and Wood Buffalo Astronomical Society website for upcoming events, like the Dark Sky Festival.

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