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Desnede Farmers Market

Desnede Farmers Market

Welcome to the Desnedé Farmers Market, where our commitment is to fresh, locally made, grown, harvested or baked products. We promote handmade and locally grown goods that help the community grow into a healthier and greener community with an emphasis on shopping local.

Each market day is a feast for the senses and a gathering point for the community. Taste, chat, and take home new ideas and hand made products. Come and meet our Northern farmers, crafters and artisans. We welcome you to stop by and see what's new!

See you at the Market!

The Market runs:

Every Saturday 11 AM - 1 PM 

at the Fort Smith Centennial Arena Park

From July - October

Products and Services: 


If you are interested in becoming a vendor at the Desnedé Farmers Market (DFM) please read the vendor handbook for detailed information and complete the vendor application form. (attached below)

If you will be selling food you are required to complete an application for a Temporary Food Establishment Permit submitted and approved through the Environmental Health Office prior to selling at the DFM on Saturdays. The application is filled out once and the permit is good for the duration of the season.

All forms can be found in the DFM Vendor Application package, see attached document below.

Please send applications for a temporary food establishment permit to or call 867 767 9066 ext 49262.

Please provide verification for the Temporary Food permit to the DFM organizers prior to setting up.

How the Desnedé Farmers Market got its Name

The Desnedé Farmer’s Market was named to honour the truly mighty river to which Fort Smith and the surrounding communities owe their existence. There are several dialects of the Chipewyan language, other Dene languages, Cree, and French that may be heard spoken in this community of many nations. Although the river is known by many names, Desnedé, the Mighty River (Des), is that of the Chipewyan Dene Suline. ‘Desnede’ is spelled differently in some places when it is written in Roman script because there is no equivalent for the ‘d’ sound which is close to ‘dth’ in pronunciation. 

At a time when communities in the North are recapturing traditional place names, the market’s founding board was encouraged to use this name for the river in the market’s name. Native speakers of the language welcomed the use of ‘Desnedé’, a word that sounds very beautiful when spoken and best reflects the nature of our river. 


11 am - 1 pm

Contact Info

13 Rupert Street
PO Box 219
Fort Smith
Northwest Territories
X0E 0P0
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