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Emergency Preparedness - Emergency Updates

Current Highway 5 Conditions (Hay River/Northern Alberta Flooding)

May 12, 2022 - 1:00pm - No current threat to the Town of Fort Smith. Highway 5 conditions being monitored.

Stay Informed

Residents can expect to be notified during an emergency at regular intervals by the following means:

  • Fort Smith's Emergency Notification System. Sign up at:
  • Social media
  • The Town website
  • Local radio (eg: CBC FM 97.9)
  • Loud speaker announcements throughout the town via emergency vehicles
  • Door-to-door checks.

Types of notifications:

  1. Shelter in Place: Residents may be advised to shelter in place either in their residence or a designated evacuation / reception centre (eg: Town Recreation Centre). This method will be used when evacuation is not required or practical.
  2. Evacuation Alert: Authorities will alert any public at risk of the potential for evacuation. Residents should prepare to evacuate the area. 
  3. Evacuation Order:  Mandatory evacuation will be ordered if required. At this point you must leave the area immediately. The RCMP may enforce the Evacuation Order if necessary.
  4. All Clear: When the emergency is under control and it is declared safe to return to the area, an "All clear" will be called.

Be Prepared

Residents should prepare themselves, loved ones, pets, and household for the possibility of an emergency.

  • Households should have an evacuation plan for all occupants and practice it annually. If anyone in the household will require evacuation or transportation, other than a household vehicle, ensure a registration form is filled out in case of evacuation. See below. 
  • It is a long drive out of Fort Smith! Always have your vehicle fueled to at least 3/4 of a tank, especially in forest fire season.
  • Have an Emergency Kit ready. See resources below.
  • Monitor one of the several methods of notifications or register for the Fort Smith Emergency Notification System.
  • Keep your property FireSmart. Contact a local FireSmart representative or the Fort Smith Fire/EMS Department for more information. See additional resources below.

Emergency Contact Information

  • RCMP - (867) 872-1111
  • FIRE DEPARTMENT - (867) 872-2222
  • AMBULANCE - (867) 872-3111

Non-Emergency Contact Information

  • FIRE HALL - (867) 872-2674

Additional Resources

 An Emergency Preparedness Guide is available from the Canadian Government Here

See below for additional Town of Fort Smith and Government of the Northwest Territories emergency resources.