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The Town of Fort Smith is administered by dedicated staff, located at the Town Hall at 174 McDougal Road.

All administrative staff can be contacted at (867) 872-8400.


Senior Administrative Officer (SAO): Jim Hood -

Executive Assistant to the SAO: Mike Herring -

Director of Community Services: Emily Colucci -

Director of Municipal Services: Andrew Grenier -

Director of Corporate Services: Obrian Kydd -

Director of Protective Services: Adam McNab -

Executive Secretary: Katie Reid -

Clerk/Receptionist: Emelia Tkachuk -

Pay and Benefits: Amy Weber -

Finance Clerk: Shelley Gervais -

Accounts Payable: Michelle Gauthier -

Economic Development Officer (EDO): Diane Seals -

Economic Development Assistant (EDA): Emily Prescott -

Bylaw Enforcement Officer: Adam Weidrick -

Lands Enforcement Officer: Raji Cavala -