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Municipal Boards

The following boards are active in the Town of Fort Smith.

Advisory Board on Culture

The Advisory Board on Culture provides advice and recommendations for programs and services related to or affecting the Mary Kaeser Library. These actions seek to promote literacy and encourage support for the library from the community. The Advisory Board on Culture is also involved in the library services strategic planning process, including fiscal and program planning. The Board's members currently include:


Jeri Miltenberger (Chair)

Jeannie Marie-Jewel

Anna Kikoak

Erika Bell

Connie Benwell

Vance Sanderson

Louise Beaulieu (Council Rep)

Cynthia White (Staff Resource)

Tourism and Trade Advisory Board

The Trade and Tourism Advisory Board advises Council on all matters affecting tourism, trade and visitor services in Fort Smith. Its mandate ranges from Fort Smith marketing and branding to community attractions - such as trails, events, and festivals - to lobbying for the development of infrastructure or resources for the Town. Members also provide advice on working with governments, agencies, potential funding sources, and other potential partners to secure new opportunities for the Town of Fort Smith. Current members include:

Kevin Antoniak (Chair)

Mike Keizer (Secretary)

Alyssa Etsell

Kaitlyn Belanger

Pierre-Emmanuel Chaillon

James Heidema

Linda Martin (V.Chair)

Helena Katz

Natalie Melnyk

Mike Couvrette (Council Rep)

Diane Seals (Staff Resource)

Cynthia White (Staff Resource)

Recreation Advisory Board

The Recreation Advisory Board works hard to keep Fort Smith's recreation programs, services, and facilities in top shape. The Board's members actively promote recreation and healthy, active living in the community and look for other community members who might share an enthusiasm for these goals. As such, they are consulted on topics relating to recreation facilities, programs, and services, including development and investment. The Board also provides advice on the Youth Ambassador Corps, which promotes youth programs in recreation. Board members include:

Tim Van Dam (Chair)

Mike Vassal

Gail Hartop

Jeri Miltenberger (Secretary)

Frank Lepine

Jonah Mitchell

Sadëlé Paulette

John Morrison

Allie McDonald (V.Chair)

Dianna Korol

Jessica Cox (Council Rep)

Cynthia White (Staff Resource)

Sustainable Development Advisory Board

The Sustainable Development Advisory Board advises Council on matters relating to sustainablity and environmental stewardship, particuarly ecologically sound waste management, water quality, and air quality. Members actively promote sustainable development initiatives in the community and liase with related organizations and governments. Education and promotion are key to the Board's work. Members are also consulted on the creation of sustainable devleopment strategies and iniatives, such as the Integrated Communicy Sustainability Plan and the Energy Plan. Board members include:

Cam Zimmer (V.Chair)

Alyssa Etsell

Adam Bathe

Tim Gauthier (Chair)

Frank Lepine

James Douglas

John Gray

Chris Westwell (Council Rep)

Paul Keaser (Staff Resource)