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Town Councillors

Mayor Lynn Napier-Buckley -

“The people of Fort Smith are what set the town apart from any other place in the world that may be just as beautiful,” says Lynn Napier-Buckley. “Tourists come here and always comment on how friendly the people are here.” Lynn has been a part of Fort Smith for about 20 years and it’s where she spent most of her childhood. Outside of her Council duties, Lynn is a Program Coordinator for the Fort Smith Victim Services Program and a board member of the Fort Smith Metis Council. She decided to run for Council in order to contribute the perspective her combination of work and volunteer experience to the Town’s governance. Specifically, Lynn felt it was important the Town build on services and programs available and make them more accessible to the entire community.


Deputy Mayor Kevin Smith -

Kevin has lived in Fort Smith since 1998, and he believes that this beautiful town on the banks of the majestic Slave River is the best place in the North to raise a young family. First elected in 2009 Kevin is now in his third term on Council. Until recently Kevin has chaired the Community Services Standing Committee which deals with recreation, library and trade and tourism issues and was heavily involved in the retrofit project at the Arena. He now chairs the Corporate Services Standing Committee which oversees finances, human resources and governance issues at the Town. Kevin is actively involved in minor hockey and the Fort Smith Ski Club among many other things and he is the Director of Media & Marketing of the 2018 South Slave Arctic Winter Games Host Society. 


Councillor Kevin Campbell -


Councillor Bob McArthur -

Bob McArthur is a long-time Fort Smith resident who is self-employed with Aurora TPI Travel and Bottle Depot-RTL Recycling. Bob also manages Fort Smith's school buses and Frontier Coachlines. Fort Smith’s beauty and small-town friendliness are his favourite features of the town he calls home. Bob first ran for council in 2012 in order to have a greater voice in how the Town is run and to improve treatment of Town employees. Now, his priorities are to increase the prescence of private business and to improve Fort Smith’s tourist attraction by completing the paving of Highway 5.


Councillor Mike Couvrette -


Councillor Jessica Cox -


Councillor Ann Pischinger -


Councillor Chris Westwell -


Councillor Louise Beaulieu -