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Summer Activity To-Do List


1. Picnic With the Pelicans

Activity: Hiking & Animal Watching
Duration: >30mins

A short hike from central Fort Smith leads you to the water's edge — Rapids Hike
Pack a snack and a blanket to get the most out of your adventure. The Canadian Shield provides a pristine, flat location, for a picnic while enjoying the sounds of running water and the views of the Slave River. For added effect, visit the Rapids of the Drowned during sunset!

Must See: The Great American White Pelicans surfing on the wind

2. Selfie With a Bison at the NLMCC

Activity: Exhibit Tour
Duration: 45mins - 1hr

The Northern Life Museum & Cultural Centre is widely considered the largest collection of early settler and pre-contact indigenous artifacts in the continent of North America. There are thousands of artifacts, including, an original copy of Treaty No. 8; a legal document that is still governs the people of the area.

Must See: Canus, the grand-daddy of all Whooping Cranes

3. Swim in the Slave River

Activity: Hiking & Swimming
Duration: 1.5hr - 2hr

When the sun's out to play, and adventure calls your name, consider venturing out to Mountain Portage Rapids. Besides being a local hotspot, Mountain Portage Rapids is the festival grounds for the annual Slave River Paddlefest. Pack a picnic and a swimsuit to get the most out of your trip but always remember to take your garbage with you when you leave!

Must See: 3rd Beach Sandy Cove

4. Tour the Alpaca Farm

Activity: Petting Zoo
Duration: 30mins - 45mins

The vast wilderness of Canada's northern boreal forest is home to 8 friendly Alpacas, supported by the team at Flat World Alpaca Farm. The farm also sells various textile products made from the spun wool of the animals! If petting an Alpaca is on your bucket list, BOOK A TOUR to see your fluffy friends in-person.

Must See: The Business Administration Cat, Tempe

5. Star Gaze in the Dark Sky

Activity: Exhibit Tour
Duration: 45mins - 1hr

The Dr. Roberta Bondar Northern Observatory is home to two permanent telescopes that are fully accessorized for astro-photography. Located just outside of Town, with a sliding roof providing access to the sky, expect to be mesmerized by a night-sky without heavy light pollution. Book a tour today to satisfy your desire for deep space.  

Must See: A clear view of the Milky Way Galaxy

6. Wood Buffalo National Park

Activity: Outdoor Adventure (Day Trip or Overnight Camping)
Duration: 2hr - 2 days

Fort Smith is the gateway to Wood Buffalo National Park, our country's largest national park and one of the largest in the world. While it was established in 1922 to protect the last remaining herds of bison in Northern Canada, dozens of animals have since called this area home. With countless activities to do and landmarks to see, stop by the Fort Smith Visitor Centre and let us help you plan your trip.

Must See: Red-Sided Garter Snakes

7. Paddle Under the Midnight Sun

Activity: Kayaking
Duration: 2hr

If floating on-top of the water suits you better than swimming through it, consider renting equipment from the Fort Smith Paddling Club! The local Paddling Club also hosts various events through the summer — stay up to date on their programming!

Must See: Sunset on the banks of the Slave River.